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"Wife loves the big ones"
- Jeremy, 39

  ...We were 2 months from our wedding, and Ann had begun taking birth control pills. There was this guy (Jim) at school who had been really putting the moves on her. During a number of our petting sessions, Ann would fantasize about being with Jim. This always led to a large orgasm for both of us. She had only dated me and wanted to date another guy before we were married. I agreed under the condition that she told me everything that happened...


"Wifes first black cock"
- Henry, 44

...After she stopped cumming he then slid her further up the bed to put her in a position to fuck her. This is usually the part where she signals me to get a condom but she didn't flinch. I was very surprised at this and it became very apparent to me that she was going to let him fuck her bare back..


" seed"
- Nicole, 29

...Chris pushed me to my knees before i had chance to speak and told me to start sucking their cocks which i did like a bitch on heat. I sucked for ages before one of them got behind and pushed his cock into my pussy without warning and without a condom...


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"If a woman's husband wants to watch his wife have sex with another man should the wife do it if she loves her husband and believes this would please him?"
- Terri, 38

Yes why not if it is what he wants and is going to please you both.

But the best advice is to do it with a complete stranger who your husband will never have any contact with in the future. Because doing it with one of his friends or someone he knows can mess things up eventually and has done in some cases with this fantasy. So go out and pick up a stranger which is easy for a woman to do.

Also it is best but not essential if your husband is not in the same room while you do it but in an a joining room with a one way mirror or else get a friend to video it on a camcorder, then show the video to your husband. He can then watch it again and again.

Another similar fantasy men have is to watch their wife have sex with another woman. Suggest this to him aswell as it might be even more of a turn on for him. This is really good for the man as he can join in too, which a lot of men like doing.

2 month later...
"See our photos from my first experience with BLK guys HERE" - Terri

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